Windward Resources is an oilfield management company based in Fort St. John, BC. Our focus is and always has been on British Columbia. Windward has been assisting operators for over 30 years in the design and execution of their drilling, completion, and abandonment projects. We support local businesses, the local community, and local charities.

Windward’s primary service is the design and management of oilfield construction, drilling, and completion projects. We have been doing this in NEBC since 1983.  The majority of our WSS live and work in NEBC, 20% of our workforce are Treaty Eight members.

Our office is located on a 3.2 ha fenced yard in Fort St. John. Several clients utilize this yard to store tubulars and equipment on a short or longer term basis. Being based in Fort St. John enables Windward Management to respond in person to any unusual situations which may arise in the field. As the majority of our WSS live in Fort St. John, they can be dispatched within hours if an emergency arises.

Windward is familiar with the capability and quality of the local service providers, and preferential pricing can often be obtained due to the high volumes of work that Windward provides.

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9989 79th Ave. Fort St. John, BC, Canada