Wellsite Supervision

Assembling a team takes time.  Time to identify each player’s strength’s and weaknesses.  Time to improve areas of weakness that are identified.  Time to learn to work together and communicate with other members of the team.  Windward has been building our team for over 30 years, and some of the players have continued to “make the team” for almost that long.  Generating a detailed plan is important, but will not be effective if the execution is flawed. 


Drilling operations have evolved more over the last 10 years than in 100 years previous to that.  Windward has identified the best practices in the different areas of NEBC.  What works in one field may not be the most efficient in another.


From the days of vertical wells and free-flowing oil to the tight gas pad wells of today, Windward has grown and adapted with the industry. Completions are now all about efficiencies and logistics. Windward is the area expert in the most effective design choice for your field and development plans. Our supervisors have overseen some of the most efficient operations in the area. Windward can help with the selection and design of the best method for client.

In addition to completing production wells, Windward also has experience in water disposal wells and acid gas injection wells. Windward can assist with the design, construction, and maintenance of acid gas injection wells.


Since it’s inception, Windward has been managing Abandonment and Asset Retirement projects. Although this becomes a bigger part of our business every year, Windward is not a company hurriedly cobbled together to take advantage of this growing segment of industry. In 2005, Windward submitted a “lump sum” bid and was awarded a contract to abandon and decommission 10 orphan wells for the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission. Windward has grown from that start and has been the Orphan Fund’s first choice for the abandonments of the Orphan Well Funds growing catalog of liabilities. Unfortunately for industry, this work has increased exponentially through the years for producers as well. Windward won’t make catchy, unsubstantiated claims about cost savings to secure work, but we will give you an honest estimate of what your project will cost.

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