BGOGC Orphan Site Reclamation Fund 2019/2020 Abandonment Project

Windward completed a 65 well abandonment project, working on wells in all areas of BC. Windward utilized our experience with heavy scale and NORMs to complete downhole abandonment on 2 wells in the Yoyo field for >$400,000 under industry average costs for similar wells. Part of the project also included 28 wells in the Ladyfern field which through co-ordination with our partners were abandoned, decommissioned and reclaimed within the 2020 winter access season.

KXL Exploration Abandonment Project

Windward attached a 4 well abandonment program to a project we were managing for another operator, reducing access and mobilization costs for both parties and completing work for 46% under estimates for a solo operation.

BCOGC Orphan Site Reclamation Fund 2018/2019 Abandonment Project

Initially 79 wells, Windward was able to utilize 4 service rigs to take advantage of good summer weather, which enabled us to add 12 wells to the program. 38% of the wells had either surface casing vent flows or inadequate primary cement jobs, 100% of these issues were rectified and all wells abandoned by the close of the contract.

BCOGC Orphan Site Reclamation Fund Milo Abandonment Project

In the winter of 2019, the OSFR was notified that access had been opened up by another operator into the Milo field. Within weeks of notification Windward was able to mobilize equipment to the area and complete the abandonment of 7 wells prior to spring weather inhibiting access.

Monterey Energy Groundbirch Project

Windward managed an 18 well D&C project in the Groundbirch field in it’s entirety. Road and lease construction, drilling, water sourcing and completion were all under Windward supervision at a time when the Groundbirch field had yet to be developed and HZ Montney drilling & completion techniques were in their infancy.

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